Unveiling of the new FIRST SPLINTH

Sculpture "SAECULA SAECULORUM" by Michael Post
Wednesday, June 6, 2018
at 11am

Please join us for the unveiling ceremony of the new FIRST PLINTH - sculpture "SAECULA SAECULORUM" by Michael Poast, on Wednesday, June 6th at 11am at Good Shepherd Plaza.

The plinth is a six-foot-tall carbon-steel column that can secure large sculptures up to one ton. It was built by Sultz Fabrication, a New York City boutique fabrication firm and foundry, at a cost of $24,700. The artist to be displayed is Long Island City artist Michael Poast; and his latest welded steel sculpture “The First Plinth” (among other public art scriptures he’s created across New York, New Jersey, Texas and Ohio) will be the first on display atop the column.