Relative Tensions

Anca Pedvisocar. A one person show.
Saturday, August 27, 2011 to Sunday, September 25, 2011
Opening Reception: Saturday September 10th, 6-9pm.


The central theme of my paintings is a certain mixture of tension and solitude that I think brings people together, while simultaneously tearing them apart. This conflict makes itself visually apparent in people's most inconsequential and mundane actions and postures,  glossing their figures with an unmistakable varnish that makes them impervious to one another,  and to themselves. And I find this captivating.
I let these traits reveal themselves by representing people as I find them in the photographs which are often my point of departure: family photographs, photographs I have found in flea markets, which I start to turn and twist until their subjects' passing, ephemeral presence in the world (and on my canvas) is affirmed and their vulnerability becomes solid. Only then I consider that the image made its transition from the conventionality of a casual photograph to the compelling, almost archetypal power of a film poster, for instance, which  I feel my work is most related to.
Most of my recent work has originated from the love story between my parents - Stella and Samuel - whose Jewish-Christian mixed marriage amidst Romania's then anti-Semitic social climate triggered a lifelong tension between their respective families. This tension became part of the underlying fabric of my childhood and fueled my present day personality and, certainly, my interest in revisiting and visually re-exploring the photographic history of my family.
I keep the treatment of my figures restrained, almost like in a black and white movie, while exalting the color of the background, that almost evokes the presence of an old, skipping soundtrack and a narrator's voice starting to tell their story.