Selwyn Fund


My first exposure to photography (pun intended) came when I was 10 years old.  My friend’s father was going to be working in his darkroom and he invited me to watch.  When I saw the image magically appear in the developer (that was 70 yrs ago) right then and there I knew photography would be my future.  I became a professional after graduating from The New York Institute of Photography In 1948.  I had a studio on Lexington Ave until my retirement in 2000.  I also enjoyed taking photos for my own personal expressions.  Previously, I was the President of the Professional Photographers of Greater New York and the founder of The Photographic Society of Roosevelt Island.

Probably the greatest benefit that we derive from photography, and the one that we do not fully appreciate, is the ability to see, not only through our senses but also with our “mind’s eye.” We are constantly peering, surveying, abstracting, inspecting, framing, squinting, and studying life and the scene around us. Photography lets photographers see more that is beautiful and more that is not; we see more that is interesting and striking than the average person.  Our big moment comes when we say, “I see something”.  Now, we put to work all our knowledge, sensitivity and equipment. The result, we hope, is an image that we can share with our family, our friends, and most of all, with our fellow photographers.  Sometimes we are successful; sometimes we are not.  But the most important element of the challenge remains…

Here are a few of my works to show you how I put together my feelings and knowledge to produce TIMELESS PHOTOGRAPHY.

HAIR TODAY        B&W print 11 x 14 inches
BLACK POWER    B&W print 11 x 14 inches
ELEGANCE      B&W print 8 x 10 inches
DUMMY BALLET      B&W print 5 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches
SOLDIER COMING AND GOING     B&W print 16 x 10 inches