Rick Byrd

Rick Byrd, PhD is indeed an artist by definition as well as an educator, entrepreneur, business owner, product development specialist, motivational speaker, marriage officiant, and gourmet cook – just to list a few of his experiences.

Always coloring, cutting and pasting everything he could get his hands on from the time he was old enough to hold objects in his hands, Rick’s latest art form came about as part of his recovery from surgery…as he was afforded a lot of free time on his hands. He decided to walk the city and explore everything the city had to offer. 

Rick’s art takes on an eclectic dimension, as has much of his life. Each piece he creates is inspired by his personal photography or street graffiti; street art; vintage art or images that “speak to him” as he walked the New York City streets. 

All combined with masterfully integrated color, he was artistically inspired by Japanese rabble-rouser Yayoi Kusam.

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