Rebecca Musgrave


I work in watercolor because it is the medium that consistently brings me the most visual enjoyment and satisfaction. Watercolor is also a portable medium and I prefer, in general, to do plein air botanicals and in-person watercolor "sketch portraits." My sketch portraits have been my concentration for several years now, and I enjoy each face as a new challenge...looking for the outstanding and most expressive features and the uniqueness of each visage. I don't seek to imitate nature, but give a quick interpretation of it. With my watercolor portrait sketches, the sittings last 45 minutes or less. This allows the subject not to tire and for the watercolor to remain fresh in quality and not overworked. It is this same effect that I strive for now in my botanicals as well.

My formal training as a botanical artist/illustrator brought me much satisfaction, but each lifelike painting or drawing took many hours, even days, to produce. More recently, I have followed a growing desire to do much more 'spontaneous' studies of nature because it is the wash effect and the clarity of watercolor, along with line and the refinement of certain details, which is personally most satisfying to me. I try to have fun with my work, and each piece is a new experience in my evolving technique. Sometimes deciding just when to "finish" a piece is the most difficult part. There is a moment when the piece must be left as it is and not 'meddled with' any further. That moment holds, poised, both the freshness and the detail that I seek to convey.

PHALAEONOPSIS STUDY Watercolor 4 x 6 inches
LILY  Watercolor 7 x 10 inches
DREADLOCKS Watercolor 9 x 10 inches
KATHLEEN Watercolor 6 x 9 inches
REDHEAD I Watercolor 6 x 9 inches