Olya Turcihin

Olya Turcihin’s photographs convey explosions of color, texture and scale. Her exploration into the mundane and grimy parts of New York City that we unconsciously pass on a daily basis draws her and the viewer in. Finding the beauty in paint chips, rust, graffiti markings on crates, dumpsters and walls, in abstract form, she moves throughout the city, forgetting herself. Her eye instinctively and viscerally captures an insight into a transformative artistic experience that is hidden from everyday view. 
Please take a look at Olya's photographic journey by following her blog:
The End’s Northside Open Studios Launch Show 2011, Greenpoint, Brooklyn
The Crest Fest 2011, Crest Fest 2013 Williamsburg Brooklyn
(e)Merge Art Fair, Peacock 2012, Washington DC
DUMBO Art Fair Relative Gravity 2014, DUMBO Brooklyn  
1963 Lausanne, Switzerland
Roosevelt Island, NYC