Mircea Nicolescu

After being accepted by RIVAA as a guest artist twice (2003 and 2011) I finally decided to become a full member. I am an engineer born in Romania, with a lifelong passion for photography, and have lived in the US (Arizona and NY) for the last 23 years. I specialize in street and travel photography. I really like to capture a unique moment and transfer that into a great photograph which might induce emotions and pleasure to my viewers. I have been a member of AAFR (Association of Photographer Artists of Romania) since 1988, and my art has been exhibited in several photographic salons over the years. The last one was the 13th International Photographic Salon – Sibiu, Romania, in 2009, representing the US in this international photo competition, held in my native country. I’ve published a photography book about New York "Manhattan, Faces and Places" in 2010 which can be seen at: http://www.blurb.com/books/1247494-manhattan

Windows in the sky.                       20"x30" Photograph
 Jewelry             .                                   20"x30" Photograph
Central Park Tango   .                       20"x30" Photograph
  Granada          .                                    20"x30" Photograph
 East Side by Night       .                       Photograph
 Fountain Girl                     .                 20"x30" Photograph
  Red                    .                                    20"x30" Photograph
 Rhonda Sunset      .                        20"x30" Photograph
 French door               .                      20"x30" Photograph
  Springtime in Paris      .                     20"x30" Photograph