Michael Nix

My detailed pen and ink illustrations are a venture into the land of pattern and repetition. These drawings, created in the art form known as stipple. Stippling is a drawing process made up of thousands of dots, bears a close visual and formal affinity to the patterns found in ben day dots. These were halftone images that formed the visual images in print media that pre-date the pixel which forms computer generated imagery. All of this is to simply say that my illustrations have a formal and social history that connects and overlaps with my other creative work. My illustration drawings of African warriors and tribal people are a formal play of color, pattern and repetition. The fluid tapping and releasing of ink from my radiograph pen serves to remind me of the joy and concentration I need in creating these illustrations. My drawings are celebrations of a process; a connection to a land and an ancestry that provides an inspirational springboard. Images found, altered and redeveloped employ spots of color intricately described in bead work, headdresses and facial decorations. I want to jolt the viewer away from the black and white tattoo like dots that outline surface and shape in this figurative work. Formed from tapping out hundreds of thousands of staccato dots on a surface call into mind the other art form I'm passionate about- drumming; another patterned repetitive voice as the connection overlaps in all my creative work.

For 30 years, Michael Nix has provided award-winning creative campaigns for print advertising; package design; training and promotional videos; film titles; web site design & development; and corporate identity. In October 2009, he formed Michael Nix & Associates (MN&A), to concentrate on providing creative design solutions for the following industries: education, government, health care, and non-profit. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the College of Staten Island, with BA degrees in Filmmaking and Dramatic Arts. He is a Ford Fellow earning his MS degree in Communications Design from Pratt Institute. As art faculty advisor for Dollars & Sense Magazine, the publication has won the 2009 Gold Crown Award, Columbia Scholastic Press Association, 2008 Silver Crown Award, Columbia Scholastic Press Association and 2008 First Place with Special Merit, American Scholastic Association.

AFRICAN MAN WITH ORANGE DOTS, 2010 Pen and ink with watercolor o
AFRICAN WOMAN WITH BEADS, 2009 Pen and ink with watercolor on illustrati