Matej Dlabal

Young, inexperienced, I am a student born in 1996. As every kid, always encouraged to create and explore, I have attended drawing classesPałac Młodzieży in Warsaw, Poland. There I started to take more interest in art, continuing my art education in Prague at a Basic arts school. I somehow ended this early period by attending a program concentrated on drawing the human figure at the Academy of Arts in Prague, Czech Republic. It is in this new period that I understood that painting isn't my only passion. This is the reason why I participated in the Columbia university summer program entitled “Introduction to Architectural Design and Theory”. Architecture is therefore one of my interests, that I hope to practice in the future. I currently continue to create either on my own or under the guidance of prof. Mateječek (an academic painter). Because of my lack of experience, I am still drifting from one art technique to another (including adobe illustrator for graphic design), but watercolors do appear more often in my hands. Next to my passion for visual arts, I also play piano for about eleven years, especially classic composers. But I don't hesitate to improvise on some jazz.

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