Jeremi Sudol

Perception and understanding of stimuli, like reading, presuppose a certain level of literacy. While raw perception is possible for all endowed with functioning sensory faculties like eyes, hands, and ears, more complex interpretation of this raw data necessitates training and learning to synthesize valuable information.

Jeremi's work explores perception as a process from raw physiological levels to ephemeral cultural symbolism. In Visual Art for the Visually Impaired (2003), the installation attempts to bring closer the perception of visual art as would be experienced by the blindóthrough the words of other people. Auditory descriptions of many people play back illustrating the image that hangs covered behind a curtain. It becomes quickly apparent that we are all visually impaired.

Paysage In Hex, 2004 (the hexadecimal byte code for the image) illustrates some aspects of active perception and demonstrates new requirements for literacy in digital media. In this case one just needs a publicly accessible hex editor and some patience or a good algorithm to digitally process this image and translate it to the image it really represents.

In Figure Studies II (2009), people are frozen still apparently floating in space. Interactions with invisible forces manifest through their bodies.

Jeremi Sudol
HA LONG BAY, VIETNAM, 2005 DIGITAL PRINT 140 x 44 inches