Izumi Tokuno

I am such a dreamer, I know that the best way to realize my American dream is to Dream in Large Scale. I believe that my vivid blue, which comes from the powerful rainbow radiant color visions is a dramatic creation exercise.In the Dream at Large...I believe that color is the most direct and powerful message-transmitter in the Computer Art era. We can perceive millions of colors, but the space in our minds to understand color is small. I would love to make people larger through the use of my visual memories, such as the Rising Sun, the Symbol of my country. 

Since 1992, I have worked with the blue colors from rich digital inks. Once I collect small pieces of images on my computer, they evolve into other shapes, which I digitally change to produce works of great depth and emotion. My works are intimately connected to the history and practice of paintings. My approach to art is not only technology. I am always expressing Indigo Hue of dusk of the Japanese sky at twilight through strong digital.
I love the words; George Santayana,1863-1952, Poet, Philosopher.
"A Dreamer consenting to Dream of the Actual World"
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Full moon_kinpekunta 2007, Print on Paper, 44 x 37 inches
 Full moom_cossi 2007, Print on Paper, 44 x 37 inches
 Blue wave_Visage 043 2008, Acrylic Painting on Canvas, 38 x 54 inches
Body wave_Visage 02C 2008, Print on Canvas, 51 x 38 inches