Georgette Sinclair

“I was always a dreamer... As a kid I used to watch the sky, following the light embracing the earth and I was fascinated by the changing form and color of the clouds. I wished I was a little cloud in that magnificent moment. Today, I am captivated by the French impressionists and by the poetic vision of American Tonalism. I try to capture the mood of the moment and want to freeze it forever, as it is a sublime experience that nature reveals to us... The secret is to just look around with an inquisitive eye and an open soul and mind.”

Georgette is inspired by eternal beauty of nature. Working mostly in pastels she finds poetry in the ordinary scenes. Her atmospheric landscapes evoke her enthusiasm and spirit of places that charm and enchant the soul and mind.  The expression of mood is her response to a fragment in time. Traveling is a great source of inspiration for her work. She delights in painting outdoor scenes, fields of lavender, golden haystacks, or wandering in a hidden country road. She is equally fascinated by peeking in and out of window, as can be seen in some of her paintings.

A New York artist currently living on Roosevelt Island, Georgette Sinclair is an award winning artist who earned a Master of Science and a Doctoral Degree in Audiology.  Georgette's art training began in early childhood with drawing and painting classes at the public School of Art in the country of origin. Later on in life Georgette attended the Art Student League of NYC in addition to attending various art workshops in the States and abroad. She has been a member of Pen & Brush Inc. in NYC (2001-2003), Salmagundi Club of NYC since 2001, and RIVAA since 2001. Her work is owned by collectors around the world and has appeared in solo and group shows in galleries in NYC, New Jersey, Vermont and abroad.

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Wonderland, PA, pastel
 November Sunset VT, pastel
Face to Face (my granddaughter facing her painted portrait ), pastel
Haystack  from Transylvania, pastel
Lost Tracks, PA, pastel
October Sky in VT, 11.5x18 pastel
Waterfall, Paterson NJ, 11.5"x17" pastel
HAYSTACKS IN FRANCE  10.5 x 13.5 inches
LAVANDER FIELD, FRANCE Pastel 7.5 x 17 inches
French Countryside 15"x5" pastel
Low Tide Brittany,8x13.5 pastel
France-White House in Brittany, 8.5x17 , pastel
 In the Hamptons-Louse Point, 8.5x11.5 pastel
Yellow Boat in the Hamptons, 8.5x14.5 oil
Winter Magic, VT , pastel, 11.5x8.5
Passing Rain VT, pastel, 14x8.5
Hay Stacks in Transylvania, pastel, 14.5x5.5
The Golf Players , pastel 18"x7"
The Pond ,VT, Pastel
Sunrise Over East River, NY, Pastel
Train Tracks , PA, Pastel
Apples of Tuscany, Pastel
Peaking Through the Night, Pastel
Night Life, Pastel
Artists Inspiration in Adirondacks, Pastel
Pond in Adirondacks, Pastel
Bass Harbor Lighthouse, Maine , Pastel
Around the Corner on Roosevelt Island, Pastel