Galina Petrov

Galina Petrov

“We do not know where our creativity comes from, but I believe mine comes from the Universal Spirit. As an artist I feel my creations expand and enlighten my consciousness. I began my career as an artist weaving tapestries of my own original design.”

She developed a collection of tapestries which became part of an interior in many homes and were exhibited at the Central Exhibition of Decorative and Applied Arts in Moscow.

Galina graduated with a M.S. in Electro Mechanics from Moscow. After immigrating to New York in the 1980s, she worked as a jewelry model maker for Adwar Casting and made jewelry and ceramics, exhibiting at the Central Hall of the Sheraton Hotel, "Le Teatre’ of Ceramics", and at Jacqueline’s Gallery at 132 East 61st. She continued weaving her tapestries at night and in 1986 exhibited in Denver at the Amparo Gallery. She donated one of her woven wearable pieces to Nancy Reagan.

Galina now creates textile art and digitized collage made from various colored papers and fabrics enhanced by acrylic, magic markers and finished in Photoshop. “With the birth of the computer, I shifted my deep fantasy nature to digital art and started creating designs for various industries. My art becomes a beginning process for interior designers, decorators and designers of textiles”.

Galina has shown at the Gallery of Wearable Art on Broadway; the Stork Gallery in Soho; the Raydon Gallery on Madison Avenue; the Gallery Heritage International in Toronto; the Lee Gallery at Georgetown Court, in Washington D.C.; and at the Mari Galleries of Westchester, New York. 

Her work is now in private collections. 

Tapestry I Mixed Media Handmade 3 x 4
Tapestry II Mixed Media Handmade 3 x 4
Tapestry III Mixed Media Handmade 3 x 4