Eunkyoung Park

I am an artist painting in the Korean folk art tradition, expressing modern themes and descriptions.

As a Korean traditional folk artist, who is working in New York City, a major goal of mine is to introduce Korean traditional folk art to the public in a simple and familiar method. In addition, I have tried to introduce and explain the technique of “Muk” to the public, which is oriental Black Ink.

In the last couple of years, I introduced “Muk” through my painting series, “Color from Black”,using a technique in Korean folk art, which details the use of sharp brushes, revealing a harmony between black from Muk and colors from natural substances.

My “Homage” series, shows the balance between black and colors. These pieces use motifs from ‘Chochungdo’ (landscape with insects and wildflowers) by a famous female traditional folk artist, Shin Saimdang. I also use Korean traditional patterns for the background to give more “traditional” Korean impressions, resulting in a harmony between modern “patterning” and traditional Korean folk culture.

I have held several workshops to introduce Korean traditional art to the public, living in a “cultural melting pot”, New York City. With these workshops, I introduced the series, “Between Color and Black”. These workshops were very successful with positive feedback and will be held again next year.

People who get exposed to my art through my exhibitions and workshops often ask me about Korea and our traditions. Thus I would like to explain more about a wedding in Korea. “Time-Semantics of a Korean Wedding” is a project with 8 pieces. In my art, I portray a Korean wedding by using objects for a traditional Korean wedding ceremony.

While “Time-Semantics of a Korean Wedding” tells more about the traditions and its meaning to Korean women, “Day dreaming” and “Winter Wishes” as part of this project, show gradual changes in the meaning of the wedding tradition in Korea from past to the present.


Time‐sementics of Korean wedding
Becoming Blue
Once upon a color
Once upon a black
Winter Wishes 2
Winter Wishes 1
Between Brown & Black
Between Blue & Black
Blue from Black
Green from Black
Brown from Black