Bonnie Goodman


When I graduated from elementary school, my kindergarten teacher wrote in my autograph book “I hope one day to be invited to your first art show.”

Many art shows later, I have followed what obviously appeared to be a predestined path.

Ultimately my art is a synthesis of what was learned from my art education experiences and studying the work of my favorite artists, blended with what I feel makes me unique as an artist.

As an artist I have recurring themes which orbit around my creative sun until they alight and find their way back into my art; sometimes years later.  The bible and mythology, images from our collective unconscious past, interpreting music expressionistically, dance, carnivals and circuses, plant life, and still lifes using my collection of dolls, figurines and statues (often painting or photographing them against landscape or cityscape settings) are what intrigue me the most.

TEXTURE in life, nature and art affects me so strongly that I can almost feel it coursing through my veins.  As a result, I am constantly experimenting with various media where I both use texture and try to give the effect of texture.

Assemblages, bas relief sculptures made from modeling paste or balsa wood, painting with multi-hued glitter, tissue paper collages, as well as various printmaking without a press techniques are part of the quest.

Acrylic is my medium of choice for painting. I create layers by scumbling with my brush. This gives the work a sense of mystery and allows earlier textures and images to peek through.

Finally, another essential part of my artistic persona is that each part of the Artmaking process, the beginning, middle and the end, is equally fulfilling to me.


MIRROR TOCCATTA           Acrylic 21 x 26 inches
FUGACE               Acrylic 19 x 25 inches
SOUNDSCAPE 1           Acrylic and watercolor pencil 28 x 22
ORIENTAL FIGURINE               Photograph 16 x 20 inches
HEALING MEDICINE               Watercolor pencils and graphic 28 x 22 inches