Annette R. Hochberg


My earliest memories are of neighborhood streets in Brooklyn, New York.  Art training started early because, I suppose, while other children played games or piano, I drew.  My mother sent me to Pratt Graphic Center on Saturdays and my training thereafter included Pratt, the Art Students League, the Center for Students and Artists in Paris, France, and the New School/Parsons School.  I studied with eminent artists such as Kurt Seligmann, Federico Castellon, Will Barnett, Harry Sternberg, Roberto De Lamonica, Michael Ponce DeLeon and Mohammad O. Khalil. 

As I develop my compositions in my medium of choice, the print and especially etching, I try to capture the spontaneity that excites me to begin with.  This may be the way a person--a vendor, a dancer, a posing nude--turns, an animal moves, trees are shaped, or how landscapes cast shadows.

I have a need to sketch, to catch quickly a new inspiration and excitement which I find in what I see around me.  How fortunate that I have found myself in many new and different places and cultures.  I lived for 50 years in rural upstate New York but spent time in distant settings, mostly in the Americas down to the tip of Tierra del Fuego.  I have also traveled in the Far East, Africa and Europe. My works hang in collections around the world, from Spain, France and Germany to Thailand and Zimbabwe and the United States.

BOLIVIAN DYE SELLERS Lithograph 14 x 18 inches
HONDURAN STREET VENDOR Etching 13 x 10 inches
CONSTRUCTION WORKERS  Etching 13 x 16 inches
THE TAILOR Etching 9 x 12 inches
DEGAS DANCERS Colored Etching 18 x 14 inches