Anne-Marie Dannenberg

My interest in nature has led me to photograph it, my interest in structure, color, texture of plants, flowers, leaves, trees  led me to show more and more design, rhythm, organization, and over time I became interested in the interplay of empty space, shapes, volumes, texture and structure of city architecture.
In my photography are several recurring themes : Nature, architecture and spaces that are changing or disappearing, expressing  the passing of time and of memories attached. I also love the portrait, with a special fondness for portraits of children.
Photographing always depends on the light of the moment; I look forward to the magical moment when structure, rhythms, spaces, colors and lighting all come together and allow one to express something unique and meaningful. 
I try to bring out the beauty, poetry and music in ordinary things. My photography has always followed excitement at a discovery, mostly ephemeral, which touches both heart and mind; on top of that there is the excitement of working at bringing out what I feel and am moved by in order to share the resulting image with the viewers.
Abstraction, 2011
Fallen tree and the bridge, Central Park, 2010
Grass in the river, 2012
In the quiet of summer, resting canoes, Laurentians, 2010
Interrupted conversation, Paris, 2010
Midtown Manhattan II, 2012
Multiple facets, Chelsea, 2013
On the lake, Laurentians, 2013
Textures and patterns,Chelsea 2009
Winter twigs, 2012