Alexander Movshovich

There is something in my heart that tells me the world around us is not all.  IT pushes me to see, to hear, to experience more, to look for something obscure, imperceptible but surrounding, touching, awakening, suggesting and enlightening.

IT influences me in everything I do, feel or see. I know many people who feel the same way and many others who do not – neither are good or bad because of it – we all are different and that is what creates the beauty and diversity of life.

Photography is part of me; an extension of my vision, something that freezes the MOMENTS. It gives me perspective; it makes me happy and crazy. I love people and many love me.

I hope you will see it in my pictures, and maybe they will make your day better.

Additional image galleries:

TWO SIDES OF THE WOMAN, Digital Photograph, 24 x 36 inches
FATHER IN SON, Digital Photograph, 24 X 36 inches
BUSY CORNER, Digital Photograph, 24 X 36 inches
SEPTEMBER 11, Digital Photograph, 24 X 36 inches
IN MOTION, Digital Photograph, 24 X 36 inches